AN 7 signs that you drink a lot of coffee

7 signs that you drink a lot of coffee

Coffee lovers should be more attentive to how many cups of an invigorating drink they drink per day. After all, excessive consumption of coffee can have its side effects and possibly even harm your health. 

7 signs that you drink a lot of coffee

1. You constantly feel anxious.

Worrying about an upcoming important event or approaching a deadline can encourage you to drink a cup of coffee. The National Institute of Mental Health recommends that people who experience chronic anxiety should avoid caffeine. Why Too much coffee can cause increased anxiety, which in turn can lead to sleep disturbance, as well as increased irritability.

2. You start having stomach problems

You can blame your stomach pain on spoiled or unhealthy food. In the same list, you can safely add your cup of coffee in the morning. In 2017, European scientists found that certain constituents of coffee stimulate the secretion of gastric acid by stomach cells.

3. Your heart is racing 

Feeling like your heart is beating too fast can be frightening. You even feel like your heart is trying to leave your chest. Such a strong heartbeat can be caused by excessive consumption of coffee and caffeine, as well as nicotine and alcohol. The rapid beating of the heart can sometimes lead to dizziness and even fainting. People who often feel that their heart is beating too fast are advised by doctors to stop drinking coffee.

4. You have diarrhea 

Many people know that coffee can help with regular bowel movements due to its laxative properties. However, if you drink more than two or three cups a day, it can lead to diarrhea. If you feel that your intestinal track is not functioning properly, try limiting your coffee intake.

5. You can't sleep 

Insomnia can be a sure sign that you are drinking too much coffee. Even if you claim that coffee doesn't affect you in any way, this delicious drink still has the potential to wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. On average, the effect of coffee lasts 5 hours, which means that it may take several more hours to completely clear the body of caffeine. Thus, it contributes to an increase in the number of nocturnal awakenings and a deterioration in the quality of sleep. So try to drink your last cup of coffee before noon.

6. You feel a lot of tension and nervousness 

Coffee makes you constantly feel wary. Sometimes this state turns into nervous excitement. This happens because caffeine makes your nervous system speed up. If this is your fourth cup of coffee in a day, and you feel growing nervousness, it is better not to touch the fifth one.

7. You have headaches 

Many people use coffee as a headache remedy that helps the pain medication work. However, if you drink a lot of coffee for a steady amount of time, your body builds up the excess and begins the elimination process. 

caffeine. Its symptoms are headaches and fatigue. So keep a close eye on the amount of coffee you drink and try to reduce your intake, as well as other possible sources of headaches in your diet, like tea and energy drinks


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