AN 5 dandruff questions you've wanted to ask for a long time

5 dandruff questions you've wanted to ask for a long time

1. Answering the question about the causes of dandruff, it is necessary to give it a detailed definition. If we reduce the lecture for many hours to a couple of laconic theses, then dandruff is a chronic disease caused by a parahair fungus - the most typical representative of the human microflora, which absolutely does not harm physical health.

5 dandruff questions you've wanted to ask for a long time

In the medical literature, it has the name Malassezia globosa, which is difficult to pronounce for Russian-speaking people. The yeast microorganism feeds on the secretions of the sebaceous glands. The waste products of the hair fungus lead to irritation, the key manifestation of which is the very peeling of the skin.

2. Those wishing to completely get rid of dandruff should understand that chronic diseases are not amenable to definitive treatment. However, they can be controlled with the help of pharmaceutical products. Therefore, a person who has decided to curb dandruff should acquire a special shampoo containing one of the two required components - either selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione.

These chemical compounds help to minimize the rate of skin exfoliation. Doctors recommend using pharmacy anti-dandruff shampoos for a month, and then return to the usual store counterparts. Of course, we must not forget about preventive measures. More precisely - monthly rinsing of the head with a pharmacy shampoo.

3. Washing your head with special anti-dandruff shampoos is only partly similar to the traditional process of rinsing your hair. Unlike store-bought products, pharmacy counterparts interact not only with the hair, but also with irritated scalp.

Therefore, the process should resemble a kind of massage. Shampoo should be rubbed into the skin, cleansing it of dandruff. The recommended washing time can be found in the instructions - often it does not exceed thirty seconds. In addition, you can not use hot water - it will only contribute to inflammation. The best choice is comfortable warm. If we talk about the frequency of procedures, then it is enough to wash your hair with pharmacy shampoo at least three to four times a week.

4. Changes in weather or climatic conditions can really affect the activation of dandruff formation processes. However, it will not be cardinal. For example, flying from hot regions to cold regions can exacerbate skin exfoliation.

Or from arid points of the planet to rainy ones. Nevertheless, changing climatic conditions do not give rise to a problem. If you trust the statements of physicians, they have not been able to detect even an indirect relationship between the weather and the formation of the hair fungus Malassezia globosa.

5. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely get rid of dandruff. True, if the predisposition to it has not manifested itself over the years, then it is better not to worry - it is unlikely that it will be able to cause any concern.

Although the fungus Malassezia globosa has two loopholes at once. Namely - daily stress and nervous tension. They significantly weaken the immune system, leaving the body - including the scalp - vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.


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