AN pump your brain

pump your brain

Do you want your brain to always work fast? To do this, you need to perform two types of exercises - physical and mental. Be sure to try them out to pump your brain. 

pump your brain

You probably know from your own observations, as well as from various studies, that adults who continue to be physically active, and who also do not allow their brain to rest, have sharper minds than those who live out their late years in front of the TV. Staying physically active, combined with constantly pumping your mental abilities, is the best way to pump your brain at any age.

Fitness for body and brain

Aerobic exercise is also key to mental fitness. The researchers suggest that exercise may indeed increase the number of neurons in the brain. The cardiovascular training that occurs during aerobic exercise helps prevent clogged arteries, which directly affects brain function. People with a weak cardiovascular system are more prone to cognitive decline than perfectly healthy retirees.

Take a look at things in a new way

The next exercise belongs to the mental category. It is designed to enhance the brain's natural drive to learn new things. According to the research of neuroscientist Lawrence Katz, a fairly large number of neural connections in the brain are not used to their full potential. They need an extra boost to reach their full potential. New research has shown that when you combine your feelings in new, unexpected connections, your brain starts producing a chemical called neurotrophin, which is a kind of fertilizer that strengthens your neural connections by doubling and complicating neuronal dendrites.

Neurobics, that is, mental exercises, encourages you to perform ordinary activities and tasks in a new way, using all your five senses, and not just your usual and overloaded visual and auditory channels. It teaches you to break away from your brain-tiring routine and look for new solutions, which in turn stimulate activity in neural pathways that you normally don't use. This is a great way to always be ready to learn something new. 


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