AN How a raw food diet won't make you healthier

How a raw food diet won't make you healthier

The raw food diet is a relatively new food culture based on eating exclusively raw foods. Adherents of such a system are convinced that in this way they consume exclusively healthy foods, and any temperature effect on food kills useful substances in it. Cooking is considered harmful and unnatural. Is it so? 

How a raw food diet won't make you healthier

A raw food diet can turn against you. Even doctors who advise their patients or who themselves adhere to nutritional systems such as vegetarianism and veganism warn of the possible dangers of a raw food diet as a way of eating. Therefore, before switching to such a cardinal diet, it is worth carefully studying all the possible risks. 

Such nutrition for the body can be a real test. Yes, many people lose weight after switching to a raw food diet, but this is not what should be the ultimate goal. The most obvious problem is vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin B12 and D. In addition, a raw food diet can lead to deficiencies in zinc, iron, and other nutrients. Many raw foodists claim that eating like this lowers blood cholesterol levels, which is actually true. But it should be borne in mind that eating exclusively raw food can also reduce the level of so-called “good” cholesterol, the content in the blood of which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The question also arises of what food to take energy from now. Of course, it can be replenished by eating a lot of nuts, but nuts are quite heavy food for the stomach and a large amount of them during the day will not lead to anything good.

How about bananas? They are also rich in energy. But they will only be useful if they are consumed one or two days in a row, but not constantly, when they provide most of the calories gained in a day. Some people on a raw food diet become so addicted to eating fruit that their teeth simply begin to decay. First of all, from a deficiency of minerals, as well as because of the acids contained in fruits, which erase tooth enamel, and sugar, which provokes decay.

There is also an opinion that a raw food diet is a great way to detox, but this claim does not have sufficient scientific justification. In fact, there is no food that can magically detoxify your blood and organs. In addition, a raw food diet is associated with a risk of bone loss. It will be very difficult to notice this, and it is unlikely that a person adhering to a raw diet will immediately notice that something is wrong.

Many scientists are of the opinion that combining cooked food with raw food can improve the functioning of brain cells. The heat treatment of food itself opens up new nutrients for the body, which are also necessary for good functioning.

Switching to a raw food diet should be a responsible step. In order to radically change your diet, you need to clearly understand what consequences it can incur for the body and how it can be dealt with later


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