AN Did you know why you put salt in the toilet and sink?

Did you know why you put salt in the toilet and sink?

Salt is a simple, but at the same time extremely multifunctional thing. It can help both in the preparation of mind-blowing taste of dishes, and to maintain perfect cleanliness in the house. 

Did you know why you put salt in the toilet and sink?

In this article, you will learn how salt can be used to quickly and effectively clean plumbing.

Salt has become unpopular in recent years and has even earned the nickname "white death".

The main risk of using this product is an increase in blood pressure. From an excess of salt, diseases of the liver and kidneys, atherosclerosis can form. Also, a large amount of sodium leads to leaching of calcium. This threatens to soften the bones and teeth.

However, despite all the risks, salt can also please with its unlimited benefits, not only in terms of cleanliness in everyday life, but also in maintaining health in the body. 

Salt is high in sodium and chlorine, which are involved in many metabolic processes. Including they bind water, participate in muscle contraction, secretion of hormones. Salt also helps in the formation of conditions for the existence of red blood cells, forms hydrochloric acid, without which it is impossible to digest food.

Among other things, salt promotes healthy hydration and electrolyte balance in our body, which is necessary for the proper functioning of organs. Cells, muscles and tissues need water, and salt helps them maintain the required amount of moisture inside.

Inadequate hydration can cause dehydration, making the body highly susceptible to muscle spasms, dizziness, and fatigue.

And what about the help of salt in the matter of keeping the house clean?

Did you know why you put salt in the toilet and sink?

With the help of salt, you can, for example, get rid of stains on clothes. To do this, just add a little of this product to the washing powder.

Do you feel like the house has become too gray? Then it's time to clean the windows!

In this case, the most common salt will help you. You just need to stir three tablespoons of salt in three liters of warm water, after which this solution is used as a detergent.

And, of course, salt is a great helper for clogged pipes. It doesn't matter if it's a sink or a toilet.

It is enough to pour a little salt into the hole, then pour boiling water over everything.

A burnt bottom of a stainless steel pot is a real nightmare for any housewife. 

Pour water into the pan so that it covers the burnt areas. Place the container on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Once the water boils, add a few tablespoons of salt and turn off the heat. Leave the pot of salt solution for a few hours. Then drain the liquid down the sink. Wipe the pan with the non-abrasive part of the sponge and rinse with water. Repeat the whole process if necessary.

Washing off limescale is not an easy task, however, salt will help you cope with it.

Take some lemon juice and coat the stains on the faucet with it. Sprinkle regular table salt over the lemon juice. Wear rubber gloves and clean the faucet with your fingers. Rinse with running water.

Are there annoying stains in the coffee pot? No problem!

Pour ice into the coffee pot so that it completely covers the bottom of the pot. Add some salt to the ice and close the lid of the coffee pot. Shake it to mix it all up. Pour some dishwashing detergent into the coffee pot and shake again. Empty the contents of the container and rinse it under running water.


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